Iván Briones - CEO / Senior Graphic Design
Iván BrionesCEO / Senior Graphic Design
Javier Novella - PHP development / Webapp expert
Javier NovellaPHP development / Webapp expert
Migue Briz - Front-End WordPress
Migue BrizFront-End WordPress
Mirela Chwedoruk - Graphic Design
Mirela ChwedorukGraphic Design
Pablo Garrido - Intern in graphic design
Pablo GarridoIntern in graphic design

The Team in Graphic Design, Web and Marketing

The name of “Ovejabeja” is the combination of two words in Spanish, sheep + bee, and the idea comes out to give a quality answer to graphic design problems with the best customer service and the best prize.

The sheep is a symbols that evokes tranquility and docility but they all work in flocks. As a counterpart the bee is a hard-work animal, creative and they know how to Team Work. For these great personalities we share those values in our team and we work together in order to achive our client’s goals.

It all started as a personal project, as a freelance project and nowadays we have grown stronger as a team getting the expertise in logo design and web layout. We’re still growing stronger going international.

Our client’s feedback is the best way to measure our quality.

We adapt our rates and prices so everyone can access to a professional well-worth service in graphic design that your company or brand deserves. We study each case, we propose the best option for you and then we get to the best solution that your business needs to comply the target.

We prioritize the personalized service above anything. Simple as it seems, we put the same care in our professional service and commitment no matter if it’s a small or larger project.

All jobs have the same quality in Ovejabeja so we always offer the most suitable product to the customer.

We are a middle-size Agency composed by Spanish designers set in Valencia offering graphic solutions with creativity to everyone who need quality and professional service for web projects.

We are designers, artists adn computer engineers with specific academic training and great experience to give B2B special advisory services.