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Graphic Design and web design must be flexible and resilience when necessary.

We give our customers the adequate counseling in every moment they need as we adapt the design to whathever the odds are and we offer affordable rates and prices in graphic design.



We keep updated in new graphic trends and concepts in graphic design in Spain, spanish web design and online marketing, acquiring always new ways to improve our code and tactics in marketing and graphic design.



We shorten the time as we optimize the delivery of the sketches because we work online. We send our sketches via mail in order to be reviewed by the client.

We simplify as much as we can adapting our logo design prices to this new rushing-life new tech-era we live in.

Design Services


Logo Design /
Branding / Lettering

The design agency in Valencia is composed by qualified professionals dedicated and specialized in graphic design, creative design, logo design, branding and web design in and from Valencia. We make every project unique and we put our best in what we love to do which is design.

Our philosophy is to offer as much quality as the big marketing agencies for all and every single client no matter how big they are. We are serious and we give quality in what we do.
Furthermore we offer service in English, Valencian/Catalan, French and Spanish.

We’re experts in logo design, web design, branding and graphic design in general. We work abroad and so many big companies have trusted us as their designing suppliers.


Web Design, Web Development
and Web Layout

Web development and Web layout is what we do best. We have great experience in JavaScript, JAVA, PHP and CSS3, besides we are experts in WordPress layout such as front-end as back-end. Our team count with two specialized assets, a computer engineer and a high-qualified computer engineering technician experts in WordPress layout and development. We adapt your business image to a web layout well-suited to your needs. We also offer B2B professional advisory services to larger companies.

We translate visual design to code in every project we get. We offer long-term maintenance to big projects.

We have got big clients such as marketing agencies and online marketing agencies who need external support. We go abroad with international clients such as in Mexico, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, The Netherlands and United Arab Emirates.

We give business to business especial services in web design and web layout or web maintenace.



We have online marketing plans for brand-new or upcomming projects. We get the online marketing as the analysis and evaluation of a webpage, detecting flaws in texts, UX, and design.

In addition to the audit, We propose significant changes to improve positioning and SEO. Onces the changes are made we recommend to set a Google’s AdWord campaing to reinforce the visits. We create LinkBuilding and Social Media Marketing to get better results.

We give support as copy and content generators to proffesionals and big companies in their blogs and social networks. Online marketing gives back great results with the right content… interesting and attractive to your target.



We do publishing and editorial design for magazines, catalogues and annual reports. Editorial design gives your clients the right image of your information you want to communicate.



We give advisory services to proffesionals and companies, little and big. They get the best council to trace a clear project as in Spain or Mexico, as thery own country.

We collaborate with schools, academies and companies to give talks, courses and personalized tutoring or formation.

This is us

We are a middle-size Agency composed by Spanish designers set in Valencia. We give the best service in graphic design to English speakers. Ovejabeja is a team of creative graphic designers ready to translate graphic needs of our clients into graphic design, web design, publishing design, logo design and online marketing. We are designers, artists and computer engineers with specific academic training and great experience to give B2B special advisory services.